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The children worked collaboratively and cooperatively sharing ideas. The class, as a whole, were filled with joy and were totally enthusiastic about being part of the film. I had not witnessed so much excitement before. Richmond North PS


(Making films) maximised student engagement and provided an exciting way for them to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of content, rather than through more traditional modes. Thomas Acres PS


Implementating visual literacy lessons and creating the film with our classes was an amazing experience. We knew it would be highly engaging for our students but had not expected to see such increased levels of engagement and achievement of curriculum. To see our students gain cruicial life skills in working with their peers and proactively congratulating and suggesting roles for their peers was marvellous. Passfield Park SSP.


The students have made dozens of films and basically don’t want to stop filming. It has become their favourite class time and pastime activity! It has also had a therapeutic aspect, in that the films have allowed the students a new form of self-expression, and this has led to some wonderful and heartfelt productions. We are all very grateful to have had the chance to introduce film making into our curriculum. (Bobin PS was burnt down during the 2020 bushfires and afterwards, the school initated film making with their students)


Teaching film to my secondary English students proved to be an excellent way of pursuing English outcomes in a fun and creative way. Both my year eight and nine cohorts, as well as my year nine/ten Life Skills cohort, engaged in the content and were uncharacteristically enthusiastic during writing tasks because of the context in which they were writing.                

Students were instantly exposed to a new genre of storytelling that inspired them to want to attempt a creative medium they had not thought possible before. This newfound inspiration was then the catalyst for my students to actually want to create stories. Chatham HS


The engagement levels through the film making process and the excitement and happiness of students when told about the task were both positive to see. However, it was the student responses in the student reflection task which blew me away. The way students discussed the idea of everyone being involved, working together as a team and developing new skills, has impacted on my future teaching directions as I will definitely look to do film making and visual literacy in the future. Tomerong PS


Students were extremely engaged. They connected well and enjoyed the opportunity to add their ideas to the script. This allowed them to feel a greater sense of ownership toward the project. Miranda PS Support Unit.



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